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Sample Justice Court Notice Letter  

Send your letter:
Via Certified Mail
Return Receipt Requested

Mr. Sam Smith
Smith Contracting Co.
4141 First Street
Anycity, Texas 77777

Dear Mr. Smith:

On January 20 of this year, I hired you to build a deck in my backyard. The agreement we both signed states that it will be completed "on or about February 15." I paid you a deposit of $700.00 and agreed to pay an additional $1,400.00 upon completion.

Immediately after taking my money, you tore up the old deck and left a mess in my backyard. I have called you on numerous occasions to find out when you will finish the work and you have either made excuses or failed to return my calls. It has now been more than three months and you have not returned to complete the work.

This letter is to let you know that I expect you to immediately contact me and let me know when you intend on completing the project. If I do not hear from you soon, and if the work is not promptly finished, I will have no alternative but to file a claim in justice court to recover what I have paid you. I also intend to ask for an additional amount to compensate me for the fact that I have been unable to use my backyard for nearly four months.

I feel I have been most patient in this matter and hope that it can be resolved without the additional time and expense of a lawsuit. Please call me at 654-9763 to arrange for the completion of the project.

Susan Peters
896 Best Ave.
Somewhere, Texas 77777