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Teaching Consumer Law Conference

Where Have We Been—Where Are We Going

Santa Fe, New Mexico, 18 & 19 May 2018

The Center for Consumer Law at the University of Houston Law Center, in cooperation with the University of New Mexico School of Law and the National Association of Consumer Advocates, is holding its tenth biennial international teaching consumer law conference. The theme this year is "Teaching Consumer Law: Where Have We Been—Where Are We Going? The Conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the "City Different," one of the most interesting cities in the United States.

The Conference will focus on traditional issues of consumer law, in the context of significant changes in technology, privacy, social media and the political and judicial environment. The Conference is directed at those currently teaching or interested in teaching consumer law at the law school or college level. A discussion of a few of our prior Conferences may be found at:

Here is a list of scheduled speakers. To register click here,

Alderman, Richard
University of Houston Law Center
Professor Emeritus

Bradley, Christopher
University of Kentucky Law
Assistant Professor of Law

Burdge, Ron
Dayton, Ohio

Calkins, Stephen
Wayne State University Law
Professor of Law

Cox, Prentiss
University of Minnesota Law School
Associate Professor of Law

Devenney, James
University College Dublin Sutherland School of Law

Durovic, Mateja
King's College London
Lecturer in Contract and Commercial Law

Engel, Kathleen
Suffolk University School of Law
Research Professor of Law

Fair, Lesley
Federal Trade Commission
Senior Attorney

Flitter, Cary
Narberth, Pennsylvania

Foohey, Pamela
Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Associate Professor of Law

Fox, Judith
University of Notre Dame The Law School
Clinical Professor of Law

Jim Hawkins
University of Houston Law Center
Butler Research Professor of Law

Hill, Julie
University of Alabama School of Law
Alton C. and Cecile Cunningham Craig Professor of Law

Howells, Geraint
City University of Hong Kong
Dean and Chair Professor

Jagielska, Mariusz
University Silesia in Katowice
Faculty of Law and Administration

Jagielska, Monika
University Silesia in Katowice
Faculty of Law and Administration


Johnson, Creola
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
Presidents Club Professor of Law

Lu, Lam-Uyen
Macquarie Law School
PhD Candidate

Lupica, Lois
University of Maine School of Law
Maine Law Foundation Professor of Law

Luzak, Joasia
University of Exeter Law School
Associate Professor

Murphy, Robert
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

O'Sullivan, Trish
Massey University
Senior Lecturer
Peterson, Christopher
University of Utah College of Law
John J. Flynn Professor of Law

Pridgen, Dee
University of Wyoming College of Law
Carl M. Williams Professor of Law and Social Responsibility

Radwan, Theresa
Stetson University College of Law
Professor of Law

Rheingold, Ira
National Assoc. of Consumer Advocates
Executive Director

Rubin, Dick
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Shukla, Shivji
Advocate, High Court
Lucknow, India

Sickler, Alexandra
University of North Dakota School of Law
Associate Professor of Law

Sovern, Jeff
St. Johns University School of Law
Professor of Law

Spector, Mary
SMU Dedman School of Law
Associate Dean for Clinics

Steiner, Mark
South Texas College of Law Houston
Professor of Law

Tokeley, Kate
Victoria University of Wellington School of Law
Senior Lecturer

Treinen, Rob
Albuquerque, New Mexico