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  Volume 19 Number 6

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

Do you haggle? The price of almost everything you buy, including medical services, is usually negotiable. When it comes to any larger purchase, don't be afraid to ask if the price is "the best they can do"?  

Holiday Toy List

Worried that you won't be able to hear your daughter's whispers when she's on Santa's lap? Tired of being trampled in the toy department on the day after Thanksgiving? When you know what's cool, you don't have to wait for cues and clues, so get a head start on your holiday shopping with this sneak peek at the hottest holiday toys.  Click here for more.

Top 5 Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Traditions are a big part of the Thanksgiving holiday, and every American family has their own way of celebrating. From stuffing the turkey to taking in a football game, here are the five most popular.  Click here for more.

Ten Ways to Pay Cash for Christmas

Don't set yourself up for a holiday hangover. Here are 10 ways to give gifts to those you love without going into debt.  Click here for more.

Attorney General Cautions Holiday Shoppers About Common Problems; Offers Tips for Shopping, Charitable Giving and ID Theft Protection

Attorney General today released a list of tips for the holiday season, to help consumers avoid common problems and fraud.  Click here for more.

Your Money

Great interest rate or fat rebate? Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

Debtor's student loans can't be discharged in bankruptcy. The 9th Circuit has held that a Chapter 7 debtor was not entitled to a discharge of his student loan obligation because a Bankruptcy Code amendment that eliminated his right to do so applies retroactively. Click here for more.


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