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  Volume 4 Number 12

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

Under the law, a store may charge no more than $30 for a bounced check. There is no limit for how much a bank may charge. Shop around for a bank that charges a reasonable fee, and get "overdraft protection" to avoid high fees for a bounced check.  

Top Five Online Mortgage Scams

Consumers warned to be very careful with their personal information on the Internet. The top five online mortgage scams that are currently on the rise in the United Sates are announced. Consumers zre tole they must be more careful than ever as the prevalence of Online Mortgage Scams are reaching epidemic proportions, and are becoming more and more sophisticated.  Click here for more.

Seven Reasons Not to Retire

More and more present and future retirees are finding that the traditional idea of retirement is passe. What's more, there's plenty of evidence that keeping your hand in the game, or even finding a new calling, will yield a longer, healthier, and happier latter stage of your life. And given rising healthcare costs, that adult child who suddenly has returned home, or the aging parent who needs care, working a little longer may well be as much a need as a want. Read on to find out the best reasons you shouldn't retire.  Click here for more.

Paying With Less Pain

Of course you should buy Christmas presents in July, when they're on sale. And, yes, you should have started raising money for college years ago. But if you've waited until the student is well into high school, don't panic. Even at that late date, students can improve chances of achieving an affordable degree, if they flout a little conventional wisdom and some government instructions. (Don't worry, it's legal.)  Click here for more.

Your Money

What are the true cost of paying the minimum on your credit card? Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

Texas judicial panel reviews reprimand over Miers endorsement. Both sides spoke at the conclusion of a two-day tribunal in Hecht's appeal. The three judges appointed to the case now have 60 days to uphold or overturn the sanction. Click here for more.


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