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  Volume 62 Number 3

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

If you buy a new car you have three days to change your mind, right? Wrong! Unless you have were misled, deceived, or otherwise tricked into signing the contract, once you sign you are bound. If you are not sure, don't sign. Click here for more.

Apple Update Will Fix iPhone Tracking

Do you own an iPhone? Concerned about the location tracking issues? According to Apple, the next iOS update will resolve the problem, which has already resulted in significant consumer backlash. Although the current edition of iOS is still tracking your location and storing it on your device, the update will allow users to immediately delete the "consolidated.db" file (the tracking file). Will the fix be enough to resolve your concerns? Click here for more.

Sony Hires Team to Catch Hackers

After a group of hackers stole the information of 77 million user accounts, Sony still hasn't figured out how to address the problem. In an effort to clean up their network and catch the hackers behind the massive breach, Sony has hired investigators from Data Forte. Data Forte is a private investigation company made up of former FBI agents and other federal special agents. Sony has also hired law firm Baker & McKenzie to help with the investigation. A Toronto-based law firm has already filed a $1 billion proposed class action lawsuit for breach of privacy. Will Sony make things right? Or, is it already too late? For the latest on the Sony breach, Click here for more.

Americans Resigned to $4 Gas

Last time gas prices approached $4, consumes revolted. People found a way to cut back on consumption and stuck to it. Since 2007, U.S. gasoline consumption has dropped by 17%. Although the last price spike resulted in a dramatic decrease in demand, consumers aren't cutting back this time. Why isn't the demand for gas dropping? Why do some experts think gas prices need to hit $5 a gallon before we see another drop? Click here for more.

Your Money

Buying a car? Should you take advantage of the low interest rate, or great rebate? Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

Threat to file suit or filing after statute of limitations may violate FDCPA. The Fifth Circuit has recognized that taking any action beyond requests for payment on a time barred debt may well constitute a violation of the FDCPA. The court found, however, that the relevant statute of limitation had no yet run. Click here for more.


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