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  Volume 49 Number 1

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

Are you tired of receiving offers for new credit cards? You can opt out for five years! Click here for more.

7 Ways to Get Your Finances on Track

After one of the deepest recessions in history, many consumers are fighting to save their finances from disaster. After the stock and housing markets took a major hit, some consumers found themselves unable to retire on time, while others struggled to meet current obligations. As the dust begins to settle, it may be time to devise a new plan to take control of your money. For seven ways to get your finances on track, Click here for more.

Offshore Drilling: The American Impact

Lower gas prices, more jobs, and increased government revenue are some of the benefits expected from President Obama's plan to expand offshore drilling. This week, President Obama announced the United States will expand offshore drilling along much the nation's oil rich coastline, a move that has many worried about the environmental impact of the plan. Will an increase in domestic production reduce gas prices? What is the expected economic and environmental impact of the plan? Click here for more.

Casino Refuses to Pay Out $43 Million

Ding! Ding! Ding! In a casino, that sound is magic - You won! Or did you? In Colorado, a casino is refusing to pay out $43 million to a woman who hit the jackpot on a penny slot machine. Fortune Valley Casino claims computer error, further elaborating that the such machines are designed to payout no more than $250,000. Instead of $43 million, or even $250,000, the woman received a free breakfast and one free night at the hotel. Is she entitled to $43 million, $250,000, or nothing at all? Click here for more.

Your Money

What is it worth to reduce your spending? Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

Lawyer solicitation rule is unconstitutional. A U.S. District Court in Texas held that a state law prohibiting an attorney from soliciting clients within 30 days of a person’s arrest or being served with a summons violates the First Amendment. Click here for more.


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