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  Volume 48 Number 11

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

The People's Law School returns on Saturday, April 3! The People's Law school is a free program focused on sharing information with the public about their legal rights and the role these rights play in their daily lives. The program is completely free and the instructors include judges, lawyers and professors. However, you must register to attend. To register, Click here for more.

10 Ways to Cope With Allergy Season

60 million people suffer from season allergies. From a scratchy throat to incessant sneezing, allergy symptoms manifest in a variety of ways. Allergies can be debilitating for many, while extremely annoying for most. How can you identify and avoid triggers? Which medicine is the right medicine?  Click here for more.

Toyota Offers New Sales Incentives

The Toyota recall crisis has tarnished Toyota's image and dramatically reduced company sales. While the company spends millions to repair vehicles already on the road, inventory isn't moving off the lot. In order to entice consumers to look past the recent string of recalls, Toyota is offering a new aggressive incentive program. Toyota hopes that offering zero-interest financing, subsidized leases, and free maintenance will be enough to revive the brand. The risk is big - Experts estimate Toyota will spend an additional $1 billion to implement and maintain the new incentive program. Will the payback be enough to make the expensive program worthwhile? Click here for more.

Dave & Buster's Settles FTC Charges

According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than 130,000 customers' credit or debit cards were compromised after the company left consumers information vulnerable to hackers. When hackers exploited the information, consumers found several hundred thousand dollars in fraudulent charges. As part of the settlement, Dave & Busters must implement a comprehensive information security program. Do you have a complaint against Dave & Busters? Are you part of the settlement? Click here for more.

Your Money

Is debt consolidation right for you? Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

Use of “suggested retail price” may constitute fraud. The Seventh Circuit held that a store that claimed its prices were discounted from an inflated, made-up "suggested retail price" may have violated a state consumer fraud statute. Click here for more.


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