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  Volume 42 Number 2

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

Voluntarily returning a car you can't pay for may not get you off the hook. In most cases, the car will be sold and you will owe the difference between your debt and what the car sells for. If you think the car is being accepted in exchange for release for your debt, get that agreement in writing.  Click here for more.

Kellogg's Immunity Claims Under Fire

If you purchase a box of Rice Krispies, you may be surprised to find a bold claim on the front of the box. In conspicuous writing, Kellogg's claims that Rice Krispies "now helps support your child's IMMUNITY." The addition of the claim came only after H1N1 ("Swine Flu") fears started to spread across the nation and has sparked widespread controversy. Is the claim legitimate?  Click here for more.

BPA: Concern over Canned Food

Bisphenol A ("BPA") is a chemical found in many plastic bottles and canned foods. After a report issued by Consumer Reports, the FDA is stepping in to determine an acceptable level of BPA in consumer products. According to the report, evidence exists that links BPA to various health conditions, including heart disease. What products contain BPA? Click here for more.

Deceptive Advertising: FTC Charges Credit Card Companies

The Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint in federal court against Low Pay, Inc. alleging that the operation deceptively marketed its card, failed to honor its refund policy, and charged up-front fees for a guaranteed line of credit. The FTC is seeking refunds and other relief for consumers. Have you done business with LPC Inc.,, or Click here for more.

Your Money

Cash back or low APR - which is the better deal when you buy a car? Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

Nursing home can't force arbitration of a negligence claim. The Nebraska Supreme Court held that a nursing home couldn't demand arbitration of a negligence lawsuit based on language in an admissions form signed by the plaintiff on behalf of his mother. Click here for more.


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