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  Volume 41 Number 1

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

How much can a bank charge for a bounced check? - Anything it wants. Shop around for a bank that charges reasonable fees for its services. Click here for more.

Frigidaire Recall 200,000 Stoves

Frigidaire has recalled 200,000 Frigidaire and Kenmore brand stoves. The recall comes after stoves spontaneously turned on or failed to turn off, making the product a potential fire hazard. The stoves were sold at Sears from June 2001 to August 2009. If you think your stove may be subject to recall,  Click here for more.

Driving Rules & Traffic Myths

Is it OK to speed when passing a car? Do red light cameras catch right-turns on red? Must you have at least a .08 blood-alcohol-content in order to be charged with driving while intoxicated? The answers to these questions will likely surprise you. Click here for more.

eBay Sells Skype to Private Investors

eBay announced Tuesday a deal to sell the internet phone unit, Skype, to a group of private investors for $2.75 billion. What does the future hold for Skype? Click here for more.

FTC Bans Auto Warranty "Robocalls"

In an agreement with the FTC, Transcontinental Warranty, Inc. has been banned from making pre-recorded "robocalls" to consumers. The company made headlines for bombarding millions of consumers with unsolicited phone calls, while tricking thousands into purchasing unnecessary and deceptive warranties. Who else was behind the auto warranty scam? Click here for more.

Your Money

How much life insurance do you need? Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

Attorney fee awards subject to offset. The Sixth Circuit has held that attorney fees awarded in Social Security benefits cases can be offset by the amounts that the plaintiffs owed the federal government. Click here for more.


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