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  Volume 142 Number 36

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

We secure our valuables – our wallets, keys, and homes. We know that, if left unsecured, they can easily be a target for criminals. So it makes sense to think the same way about the information stored on all our devices. What’s one easy way to help protect all of this sensitive information? Update your software regularly, and as soon as possible when a newer version comes out. Click here for more.

Airbnb launches multi-day ‘Adventures’

Airbnb announced Thursday that it’s teaming up with local experts and tour companies to launch “Airbnb Adventures,” a new collection of several hundred "bucket list worthy multi-day experiences" in locations around the world. Travelers can enjoy experiences "that are not typically found on any other major booking platform,” the company said in a release. Airbnb, which focuses primarily on short-term vacation housing rentals, is expected to go public later this year. The debut of “Adventures” comes almost three years after the company launched Experiences, which offers cheaper, single-day guided tours and activities for travelers. Click here for more.

Your Money

Nearly half of consumers who were adults in 2007 say their financial condition hasn’t improved since the Great Recession, according to a new survey from BankRate. That recession began in late 2008 and lasted until June 2009. It was marked by the collapse of the housing market, a wave of home foreclosures, and a financial crisis that nearly brought down the world economy. The survey found that 48 percent of the subjects who responded said they have seen no financial improvement in their lives as the economy has recovered. Twenty-five percent said their finances are about the same. Twenty-three percent say they are worse off financially. The Great Recession resulted in a massive shrinking of the U.S. economy. Businesses reacted by scaling back their payrolls and almost overnight the unemployment rate hit 10 percent. Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

The Texas Legislature has passed House Bill 996, which limits when a debt buyer can initiate legal action or arbitration to collect consumer debt and requires specific notices with respect to out-of-statute debt. Upon approval by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the new provisions will become effective Sept. 1, 2019. Click here for more.

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