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  Volume 109 Number 7

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

One of the most important things you can to protect your privacy in the digital age is to use strong passwords and change them frequently. Most cyber-criminals know that "password" and "1234" are the most common passwords, so don't get caught with a lazy password. Here are more tips on protecting your information.  Click here for more.

GM Absolved of Liability in Ignition Cases

A bankruptcy court has ruled that because of its 2009 bankruptcy General Motors is not liable for deaths and injuries caused by ignition switch failures. Despite arguments that GM concealed it's knowledge of the problems before and during the bankruptcy, the court ruled that bankruptcy law clears GM of liability for its pre-bankruptcy behavior. Click here for more.

Your Money

The benefits of exercise to your health are well established in the medical community. What you may not know is that for retirees, a side effect of exercise may be to improve your financial health as well. This is a link to an interesting article about the connection between exercise and your financial well being. Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

Arbitration awards may be vacated when arbitrators exceed the express limitations of the contractual mandate, or act contrary to express contractual provisions. The Fifth Circuit Affirmed a decision vacating an arbitration award where the arbitrator-selection mechanism in the contracts was not followed, and the arbitrator “acted contrary” to a forum selection requirement of the arbitration clause. Insurance Corp. v. Organizational Strategies, Inc., __ F.3d__, 2015 WL 1566633 (5th Cir. April 7, 2015) Click here for more.

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