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  Volume 126 Number 11

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

If you are a senior, you are a target for scammers. The latest is the “grandmother scam,” where the thief calls pretending to be a grandchild in trouble. If you get such a call, ask a question only your relative could answer, and then call back on the relative’s phone number. My advice, don’t ever give you credit card number to a caller or send money.  

Ford Recalls Over 80,000 Vehicles for Fuel Pump Issues

Today Ford Motor issued a recall for over 100,000 vehicles, including over 80,000 vehicles affected by a fuel pump problem. The 2013-2015 Ford Taurus, Flex and Police Interceptor and Lincoln MKS and MKT are equipped with fuel pumps that could fail and leave a driver stranded in the middle of the road. Additionally, Ford also recalled 23,000 Ford Escape vehicles for software issues and 2,500 diesel engine Ford Transit vans. No injuries have been reported as a result of these issues. Owners of affected vehicles should contact their local Ford dealerships.  Click here for more.

Your Money

Sometimes a money-saving purchase may cost you more in the long run. It may be difficult to convince yourself to buy home goods at full-price when there are several sales for similar lower quality goods. However, buying a big-ticket item for a low price might mean getting rid of it a lot sooner. For big home purchases, it may be best to splurge on quality that will last you a lot longer. Also, if you wouldn’t have bought anything had you not seen the great deal offered, then buying the sale item isn’t saving you money. Buying something you don’t need at a reduced price is still buying something you don’t need. Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

Court refuses to enforce Chinese arbitration award. In a substantial addition to US arbitration jurisprudence, the Tenth Circuit affirmed the ruling of the district court and declined to enforce the award. Applying US due process standards, the Tenth Circuit concluded that the “Chinese-language notice was not reasonably calculated to apprise LUMOS of the proceedings” where “[a]ll previous communications between CEEG and LUMOS had been in English, the Contract reinforced that English would govern the relationship by requiring that the English language version of the Contract would control, and the Agreement memorialized the parties’ understanding that all interactions and dispute resolution proceedings would be in English.” CEEG (Shanghai) Solar Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd v. Lumos LLC, 2016 WL 3909579 (10th Cir. 2016). Click here for more.

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