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  Volume 104 Number 8

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

Avoid counterfeit check schemes. Don't ever cash a check for someone and forward them cash or a personal check. Odds are their check will bounce, and you will be out the cash.

For more general information about the law, check out my website.
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Black Friday Tips & Advice

Can you believe it? The holidays are fast approaching. Thanksgiving is this Thursday! And, starting Thanksgiving and continuing into Friday, many retailers will be offering their best deals of the year. With so many sales going on at one time, it may be difficult to catch the signal from the noise.

This year, make sure you have a plan. Do your research, read all the ads, compare prices, and always know the return policies before you buy.

Every Black Friday, there are horror stories about fights breaking out and people getting hurt in crowds. Whether it's someone cutting in line or trying to get the last TV, tensions can run high. Find out how to spot and avoid these situations ahead of time.

Finally, as with any big event, scam artists are itching to get your money. Stay alert for fake coupons, bogus products, and potential data breaches.

This Thanksgiving and Black Friday, stay safe and enjoy yourself.
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Turner & Dish Network Reach Deal

CNN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, and several other channels are once again available on Dish Network. Turner Broadcasting and Dish Network agreed to a short term extension that will allow the channels to return to Dish homes while the two sides hammer out a new deal. The agreement ends a blackout that took Turner channels off of Disk Network.

The current extension is several months long and expected to run through March Madness.
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Your Money

What is your employee total compensation package worth?
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For the Lawyers

Arbitration agreement is unenforceable.

The Ninth Circuit held that the arbitration agreement Sirius XM Radio relied upon was not enforceable because the user did not know he had any agreement with Sirius XM, let alone an arbitration agreement.

The plaintiff purchased a Toyota truck. The truck came with a 90-day trial subscription to Sirius XM satellite radio. The plaintiff did not have to sign any documents to receive or activate the radio. It was activated just after his purchase.

The court noted that “[h]ere, by contract, there is no evidence that Knutson purchased anything from Sirius XM, or ever knew that he was entering into a contractual relationship with the satellite radio service provider.”
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