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  Volume 128 Number 8

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New Federal Rules Protect Airline Passengers

The Obama administration is announcing proposed rules for airlines designed to address common passenger complaints. The White House is announced one rule that would require airlines to refund the checked baggage fee if luggage is "substantially delayed." Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx stated that "if you pay the baggage fee and your bags are not returned to you in a timely manner, you've essentially paid for a service you're not getting." Another rule would require travel-booking websites to be neutral "so consumers can truly comparison shop when booking flights." The Transportation Department also announced it would investigate the practice by some airlines of preventing various travel websites from showing their fares. The new regulations follow an executive order President Barack Obama issued in April to increase competition and transparency.  Click here for more.

Your Money

You may have heard of or been told how much you should put away in a retirement account each year. However, these calculations may not take into account your specific circumstances. Estimating how much one needs to save for retirement at different stages of their career isn't an exact science. There are many variables and uncertainties that come into play, including how much you earn during your career; your savings routine; the rate of return on your retirement assets; how long you live; your retirement lifestyle; and, your withdrawals from your savings after retirement. Monitor whether you're making adequate progress toward retirement, but as you do so, keep in mind that you're getting guidelines, not guarantees or predictions. Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

Law firm and substitute trustees were “debt collectors” subject to the FDCPA’s regulation. The Fourth Circuit noted that although the defendants were engaged in foreclosure proceedings, “nothing in [the] language [of the FDCPA] requires that a debt collector’s misrepresentation [or other violative actions] be made as part of an express demand for payment or even as part of an action designed to induce the debtor to pay.” The court stated, “It is clear from the complaint in this case that the whole reason that the White Firm and its members were retained by Wells Fargo was to attempt, through the process of foreclosure, to collect on the $66,500 loan in default. McCray v. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. (4th Cir. 2016). Click here for more.

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