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  Volume 117 Number 10

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The People’s Lawyer’s Tip of the Day

Shopping this holiday season chances are you will be offered the chance to by an extended warranty. Extended warranties are usually a bad buy for a consumer; but check your credit card. Many credit cards, especially premium cards, offer free buyer's protection plans that act like an extended warranty when you pay with the card. Click here for more.

Deals on Thanksgiving Turkeys Can Still be Found

Despite a bird flu epidemic that has raised the price of turkey substantially over last year, supermarket promotions are keeping the costs of the birds down for the holiday. Many supermarkets use sales on the turkeys as loss-leaders to get customers into the door to buy other items. This link lists the promotions you can expect to find at some major supermarket chains this Thanksgiving. Click here for more.

Your Money

Are you planning on shopping on "Black Friday?" Don't let the good deals put you into financial trouble. This link has tips on how to set a Black Friday budget and stick to it. Click here for more.

For the Lawyers

Agreement finance companies made with tort plaintiffs seeking funds to pay personal expenses while waiting for their lawsuits to settle or go to trial were loans. The specific issue this case presented for the Colorado Supreme Court’s review centered on whether the companies forwarding of expense money to tort plaintiffs constituted a “loan.” Petitioners contended they were “asset purchases,” but the Colorado Uniform Consumer Credit Code interprets these transactions as loans. The Supreme Court agreed with the UCCC: these transactions are loans. Oasis Legal Fin. Grp. v. Coffman (Colorado 2015) Click here for more.

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